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Uneal Tournament

UT is my favourite game (although Homeworld is catching up!) I used to play a lot, but of late, I've slowed down. I'll put other stuff here, for now, it's just...

Unreal Tournament Maps...

I've made many, but only one is worth looking at, all the others were me fooling around with UnrealEd.
ScreenshotThe Last Stop (UPDATED February 10th) (800kB)
This is a medium-sized Deathmatch map I made. It's a mixture of a theme map and a hardcore map. I've incorporated hardcore map elements, such as multiple levels in each room, sniping posts and the like. It's based on an industrial-military setting, it's an abandoned underground toxic waste disposal unit, with a train bringing in the waste to be disposed. Bots play pretty well, by my standards, anyway. It's got all the goodies except the Redeemer (no space to use it, anyway). It does not require any special texture packs or mods. The lighting may be too bright because I have an Intel 810 for graphics, and in OpenGL mode, while it gives me 50fps in 640x480, it does not do any hardware gamma correction. It's my first attempt at a hardcore map, so have mercy!
Rev 1: The update is inclusion of zones... gee, I wonder how I released a map without zoning it first!
Rev 2: Some extra eye-candy (pillars, trusses, etc.). Also, changed most of the decoration brushes to "semi-solid", improving the speed considerably.
Rev 3: Weapons placement improvements, some more eye-candy.
Rev 4: Even more eye-candy, bugfixes + a readme.
Rev 5: The final... (?)
Rev 6: Implemented many of the changes DeathBliss (of Nucleus) suggested, but they're not complete yet.
Hey whaddya know??? LastStop is listed on NaliCity!!!
Wonders Never Cease!!! LastStop got reviewed by The Nucleus! Yeah, the score wasn't too good but the feedback was invaluable. I will post updates as soon as my bloody exams are over.
If you ever see a "disconnect" in online UT matches, well, that's me! Happy Fraggin'!!!