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Lyrics Display

Welcome to the lyrics display page. Here, you can find lyrics I managed to find at various places. Lyrics servers, common in the past, are now under attack by the stuffed shirts in suits called lawyers, so I put these here. The menu on the left has a table of artists, clicking on any will open up the names of the albums of that artist whose lyrics I have (over 1900 songs!) Click on any of these to view the lyrics to all the songs in that album.

I realize that there's not much here, and it's with your help that I can change that. If you find any lyrics, please send them to me by mail, or use the Lyrics Submission Form, and I can put them here for everyone. Thanks!

"Legal" Note : the lyrics here are copyrighted by their respective owners (namely, the artisits), and they are to be used for your own study only. They are not to be used for commercial purposes. This webpage does not charge for the lyrics, and does no advertising, therefore is not commercial. So there...